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CSR Projects funded by Bank of India

Health Care Services to Poor & Needy under CSR by Shanmukhanand Fine Arts & Sangeet Sabha, Sion (East) Mumbai.

The Shanmukhanand Hall was established in 1952, with the main objective of promoting Fine Arts in the city of then Bombay. Today, the objective has expanded to include providing a platform to budding artistes to showcase their talents, impart training in various fields of Fine Arts to aspiring students, providing affordable health care in certain critical areas to the vulnerable sections of society and promote national integration through its various activities. This is one of the reputed Institutions and credibility. Most of the office bearers and the voluntary social workers are from Tamil community.

Under Corporate Social Responsibility for the Financial Year 2021-22 Bank of India, decided to extend financial support under healthcare to Shanmukhanand Fine Arts & Sangeet Sabha. There are many needy & poor families residing in slums around the Shanmukhanand Hall in the areas like Koli Wada and Dharavi which is the largest slum area in the entire Asia.

Patient Registration Desk at the Centre

Patients under treatment with the support provided by the Bank

Ram Van by Ram Aastha Mission Foundation

Ram Astha Mission Foundation is a non-profit organization Registered under section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 with an objective of making the earth greener and serene shelter for our wildlife. Ram Aastha Mission Foundation is a global platform to observe and honour our magnificent country, India. Indian culture is a flame that awakens the consciousness of unity in diversity, prosperity and integrity in the country and throughout the world. Ram Astha Mission Foundation is an example of love and respect in the heart of every Indian expressed towards every person in the world.

Ram Van – at Chhola Vishram Ghat, Bhopal is a sustainable development initiative of the said Foundation which will connect the masses with the environment and wildlife conservation. The Bank of India has given the Financial Assistance to the Foundation for tree plantation. Bank has supported the noble cause under CSR category for contributing its bit in restoring Environment Sustainability & Ecological Balance.







ESG Theme Calendar for Year 2023


Participation in Tata Mumbai Marathon, 2023


Breast Cancer Awareness Camp held during the month of October-2022

Bank of India in collaboration with M/s. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai organized Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign from 17.10.2022 to 31.10.2022 at Head Office. The following activities were conducted during the campaign.

  • Pledge Campaign: - A standee (06ft H * 10ft B) (along with KDAH and BOI logo) was displayed at Head office Star House-I Lobby from 17th to 31st October. The Campaign was inaugurated by Shri Atanu Kumar Das, MD & CEO on 18.10.2022. All the employees were encouraged to sign and take a pledge to take their loved ones for the Mammo checkup and spread awareness about Breast Cancer.
  • Distribution of Pink Ribbon amongst staff members- Pink ribbon was distributed amongst our employees on 19.10.2022 as a part of awareness programme.
  • Address by a Doctor and Self Breast Examination Training (Only for Women Employees) and Pink Ribbon Distribution: Dr. Bhavisha Ghugare, Surgical Oncologist from Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital addressed the women employees on 19.10.2022 from 10.30 AM onwards at Star House-I, Auditorium. The address was inaugurated by Smt. Monika Kalia, Executive Director. The address was followed by training on Self Breast Examination. Thereafter an interactive Question & Answer session was held, which was appreciated.

Success Story of RSETI Trained Candidate

Name of the RSETI Trained Candidate: Mrs. Asha Malviya

Asha Malviya belongs to Sali, where she had studied up to 12th from Government Girls School . She was facing financial hardship in absence of relevant skills and rewarding opportunities.

Asha was motivated by NRLM coordinator to join SHG for employment and financial needs. Through NRLM & RSETI Barwani awareness programme she came to know the workings of Bank Sakhi.

NRLM Barwani shortlisted her for the BANK SAKHI (1 GP 1 BC) training programme to be conducted at RSETI Barwani. Asha was guided about NRLM SHG concept and Banking Correspondence work profile. She received a training of 6 days of BANK SAKHI from RSETI Barwani and successfully passed the IIBF BC/BF examination.

Asha Malviya got financial support as SHG loan/Mukhyamantri Swarojgar Yojna through NRLM Rajpur, through which she started her own Common service centre of MPGB at Sali. Through RSETI Bank Sakhi training she learned competencies and skills like effective communication, goal orientation & time management with duties and work profile of BC are achieved by her and because of regular support received through RESTI.

She managed to take moderate risks of starting an enterprise with a self-investment of 35000 which she saved throughout her life and received a loan of 25000 from MPGB Bank results to be a back support to run his enterprise. As from RSETI concept she learned about quality work more important than quantity, because of which she had been considered as a successful entrepreneur and also named as Bank Sakhi Didi in her village.


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