Aadhaar Seva Kendra

Aadhaar Seva Kendra (Aadhaar Centres)

Bank of India has started Aadhaar enrolment & updation centres at its designated branches across India as per UIDAI Gazette Notification No. 13012/64/2016/Legal/UIDAI (No. 1 of 2016) dated 12th September, 2016 (Enrolment and update regulations) .

  • Resident can locate the Aadhaar enrolment centres through following UIDAI website link. https://appointments.uidai.gov.in/easearch.aspx

UIDAI contact details

  • Website: www.uidai.gov.in
  • Toll Free No: 1947
  • Email: help@uidai.gov.in

List of Aadhaar Seva Kendra (ASKs) of our bank

  • Business Correspondent (BC ) Model : Business Correspondent agent is an extended arm of the Bank Branch who is providing doorstep Banking and Financial services to customers in remote areas.
  • Services available at our BC outlets: Location of BC outlets. BC outlets can be located from Jan Dhan Darshak App provided by Government and available on Play Store.

  • Residents need to bring original copies of supporting documents for aadhaar enrolments. These original copies will be scanned and handed back to residents after the enrolments. All supporting documents are available in UIDAI website and also available in enrolment form. Residents need to submit the prescribed supporting documents (POI, POA, POR and DOB) as per UIDAI guidelines for doing enrolments/updations.
  • After completion of enrolment, resident will get an acknowledgement/enrolment slip for verification of status of the enrolment in UIDAI website (www.uidai.gov.in ).

Charges for availing services at Aadhaar Centres (as per UIDAI)

1 New Aadhaar Enrolment Free of Cost
2 Aadhaar Generation of residents in 0-5 age group (ECMP or CEL Client enrolment) Free of Cost
3 Aadhaar Generation of residents more than 5 years age Free of Cost
4 Mandatory Biometric Update (05 to 07 years and 15 to 17 years) Free of Cost
5 Mandatory Biometric Update (07 to 15 years & more than 17 years) 100
6 Other Biometric Update (with or without Demographic updates) 100
7 Demographic update (update of one or more fields) in online mode or at Aadhaar Enrolment Centre using ECMP/UCL/CELC 50
8 PoA/ PoI Document Update at Aadhaar Enrolment Centre 50
9 Aadhaar Search using e-KYC/ Find Aadhaar / any other tool and colour print out on A4 sheet 30
10 Cost of PIN based Address validation Letter (AVL) 50

All the rates mentioned above are inclusive of GST.

Facilities available at our Aadhaar Centres

  • Fresh Aadhaar enrolment
  • Update your Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Relative Details, Address, Photograph, Bio Metric, Mobile No. & email in Aadhaar Card
  • Find and print your Aadhaar
  • Mandatory biometric update for children at the age of 5 and 15

Grievance Redressal Mechanism

For redressing grievances about deficiency in services rendered by Aadhaar enrolling operator, a Grievance Redressing Mechanism is setup in our Bank. The grievances may be taken as a feedback on our services and used as a tool to improve the quality of our services. All the complaints/grievances will be attended to expeditiously and the complainant will be informed about the action taken. Bank has taken all efforts to settle/close the issue within a reasonable period of time, not exceeding the limits set in the Customer Grievance Redressing Policy of the Bank. Nature of complaints Customers can reach on following numbers and e-mails for grievance lodging and for redressed:

Sr. No. Office Contact E-mail Address
1 BOI ,Head Office –Financial Inclusion 022-6668-4781 Headoffice.Financialinclusion@bankofindia.co.in
2 UIDAI 1800-300-1947 or 1947 (Toll Free) help@uidai.gov.in www.uidai.gov.in