As Applicable


25% on Stocks & 40% on Book Debts

Assessment of loan

  • Assessment is done strictly as per turnover specified in GSTR – 1 and/or GSTR - 4 returns filed by the borrower and/or GSTR - 4 returns filed by the borrower
  • Minimum GSTR – 1 return for minimum three consecutive months is required
  • GSTR – 4 return for the preceding quarter is required
  • Based on the turnover as per GSTR – 1 ( average of three months)/GSTR – 4, annual projected turnover may be assessed upon
  • The quantum of working capital limit should not exceed 25% of annual turnover assessed (in case of Micro & Small enterprises) and 20% (in case of medium enterprises)

Processing & other charges

As Applicable

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