( ReAssure* Benefit- available under Re Assure Product has been extended to Senior First Product)

How ReAssure* Works?

  • Triggers with the first claim itself. No need to wait till entire sum insured is over
  • Pays for all ailments for all insured members -No insured or disease restriction
  • ReAssure is unlimited so that you never fall short of coverage Claim as many times as needed*
  • No Pre-Policy Medical Tests*-Get an insurance cover for your parents health COVENIENTLY without the need to get a pre-policy medical test.
  • No Sub-Limits on Common Conditions*-Now enjoy complete COVERAGE with no sub-limits on common health conditions like cataract, cancer, joint replacements or any other common health conditions.
  • Annual Aggregate Deductible*-Reduce your liability by opting for an annual aggregate deductible instead of a mandatory co-pay. More CHOICES, for your health.
  • SAFEGUARD* Benefit-Go truly cashless with Safeguard and get complete PEACE OF MIND.With 100% coverage for all medical expenses including coverage for non payable items like PPE kits, gloves, oxygen masks and more
  • No Loadings* on Common Conditions-SAVE more on your premium as there is no loadings on the basis of common health conditions like hypertension, diabetes, thyroid, etc.

Additional Discounts:

  • Tenure Discount- 7.5% on 2nd year premium
  • Additional 15% discount on 3rd year premium ( for 3 year term only)
  • Family discount- 10% discount on premium if 2 members are covered in an individual policy
  • Discount at renewal- 2.5% discount on premium if paid through standing instruction
  • Tax Savings- Up to 30% tax benefit u/s 80D of income tax act 1961