It helps the Lenders\Service Providers to leverage on Digital data acquired with the consent (Sahamati) from the Customers eliminating the need of physical documentation .Data cannot be shared without the consent of the individual.

Participants in the Account Aggregator Ecosystem

  • Account Aggregator
  • Financial Information Provider (FIP) & Financial Information User (FIU)

Bank of India is live on the Account Aggregator Ecosystem both as FIP and FIU. Financial Information User (FIU) can request for data from the Financial Information User (FIP) based on a simple consent given by the Customer on their Account Aggregator handle.

Customers can share Data digitally on real time basis. The framework is as per the Reserve Bank Information Technology (ReBIT) guidelines and follows data privacy and encryption standards.

Bank has onboarded Perfios Account Aggregation Services (P) Ltd (Anumati). for providing consent manager. Below are the steps to register:

Register Process

  • Registering for account aggregation with AA is simple.
  • Download the Anumati Android App from Playstore – type as Anumati ,AA , NADL AA , OneMoney AA , FinVu AA, CAMSFinservAA

Account Aggregator App :

  • Anumati AA :
  • NADL AA : Playstore -> NADL AA
  • OneMoney AA : Playstore -> Onemoney AA
  • FinVu :Playstore -> FinVu AA
  • CAMSFinServ :Playstore -> CAMSFinServ AA
  • Use the mobile number you’ve registered with your bank and set a 4-digit PIN. Bank will verify your mobile number with an OTP, and after that, set [Your mobile number]@anumati as your AA handle.
  • [Your mobile number]@anumati is simple and easy to remember, though you can select your own [username]@anumati at this step. You won’t be able to change your AA handle once you approve a data sharing request or Consent from any financial institution